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    History  (no, not the song)

Bazz Atlas has developed a wide-ranging number of styles and and writes in numerous genres, writing lyrics and music, collaborating with other lyricists, and occasionally venturing into recording covers of other artists. His work with KS Sheridan has produced a theatre piece of the same title as Sheridan's upcoming novel, The Formal Absences of Precious Things.  Their work can be accessed through Sheridan's blogsite.

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Our Goals
  • To keep writing and recording songs
  • To sell mechanical rights.
  • To provide downloads and physical CDs of Bazz Atlas songs.

Bazz Atlas started writing songs in high school, He collaborated with K.S. Sheridan after college. They penned 4 albums of demos but only rarely performed live. 

Bazz formed his first original band GZB - The Ground Zero Band in Washington DC. with  Eric Sheridan on Drums, Kevin Dunleavy on Rhythm Guitar  and Perry Flint on Bass.  Members delivered Richard Harrington's Unicorn Times, a precursor to The City Paper, in exchange for display ads for their gigs. They created and ran the Alternative Club in the Uhle Street VFW Hall in North Arlington, VA.

Vernon Keen replaced Dunleavy on keys and Rhythm Guitar.  GZB released a local single on virgin vinyl with Atlas on the A-side singing power-pop "Waiting In Line" and Keene performing the Spanish-influenced "Obsession" B-side. Flint left to pursue his British Mod and power-chord interests, while Eric Sheridan went back to his Blues and Rockabilly roots. Sheridan moved to Chicago and went on to form the Jump Blues band The Uptown Rhythm Kings.

Sven Bridstrup joined on drums after completing his service with the US Army Fife & Drum Corps  Vernon, Bazz and Sven were joined by Eric Tanner on guitars and Bill "Flex" Flexenauer on bass.The band played at Georgetown University and dissolved shortly thereafter.

Sven convinced Bazz to start a new band, Bazz Atlas. working with Mike Lucci on bass. Old pal Chris Mitchell joined on rhythm guitar after a few gigs.

After Lucci left  in the early 80's, Sven, Bazz and Chris, were joined by vocalist Brooksie Wells, and Lane Baldwin took over bass guitar duties. A stormy alliance of talented musicians planned a tour & studio sessions in Greece that devolved into a vacation. 

After the band dissolved, Bazz focused on his home-studio solo recordings.  His solo revison of "No Room for Error" won mention in an ASCAP local songwriter's contest, earning praise from Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Hal David, and the co-authors of "Windmills of Your Mind,"  Alan & Marilyn Bergman. 

Atlas continued to collaborate on several occasions throughout the years with K. S. Sheridan.

Their recent theatre piece, The Formal Absences of Precious Things was completed in 2007, and after Sheridan began work on long-awaited novel of the same title, the theatre-piece set was renamed The Bridge with a new gospel-tinged title song.

Atlas went on to record over 40 songs having origins throughout the two decades before, and added several new songs and covers for "Liberties Taken" in 2007 and 2008, a reaction to the war in Iraq and armed aggression in general. 

After a brief 2009 stint writing and adapting songs and pieces for cinema in 2009-10, Bazz began to explore his singing voice and record cover songs by his favorite writers .including The Stone's Jagger/Richards, John/Taupin, Brian Ferry, and Phil Manzanera.

Early 2013 marked his return to original songwriting with a matured voice and sparser approach to lyrics. Empty Bed

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